Monday, 17 September 2012

Nail fetish??

I have always had a healthy repertoire of kinks and fetishes,  And Miss Beth has indulged me with all of them.  That doesn't mean i get my own way with what turns me on,  but Miss Beth loves to use my fetishes to tease and taunt me and drive me to despair (which isn't hard these days) and beyond.

At the age of 42 you tend to think that you know what does it for you, but I seem to have found a new fetish to add to the list.  Nails, or more precisely, long, manicured, painted nails.

I have always thought that long painted nails looked nice but never gave it much more thought than that.  It could be that i married a beauty therapist,  whose nails are rarely anything other than long and manicured perfectly.  It could be that i have spent many hours knelt at Miss Beths feet, devotedly painting her toenails (and usually removing polish and repeating until i get it right).   The overwhelming desire i have for her to touch my cock . . .   I am forbidden from asking Miss Beth to touch me,  but i pray silently and somebody up there looks down on me fondly  :o)  The exasperating sound of her tapping her nails on my chastity device drives me mad and she knows it.  Even when i'm in trouble and get a sharp slap across the face,  It doesnt hurt less due to her having long nails (In fact,  theres probably more risk of getting a sharp scratch) but it does something to me that makes me smile (red rag to a bull for Miss Beth to slap me several more times and much harder to wipe the smile off my face)

One of my previous hard limits was anything to do with urethral play (a painful experience sleepwalking with a catheter attached to the hopital bed . . . yikes)  Yet having a finger and manicured nail inserted has gone from being something that terrified me to a huge turn on.

This evening Miss Beth had her nail extensions done again.  The house briefly filled with the smell of acrylic, but what would have once been a smell i disliked has evolved into something i associate with her long sharp gorgeous nails,  A beautiful french manicured white tipped vision.


  1. Hi!! i'm wondering how do you keep your prostate health during long periods of denial? Do you get a prostate masage everyonce in a while to drain de cum?

  2. Hi anonymous, thanks for reading and commenting

    I have a prostate massager thats angled to stimulate my prostate, it vibrates, has 2 speed settings but i have never been able to milk my prostate thus far. I have never had a wet dream in my life but occasionally during teasing/edging play, i do get a flow of pre-cum escaping but other than that. Nothing!

    Incidentally, I have read quite a bit on the so called dangers of long term denial and the evidence seems conflicting. Some seem certain of the dangers, others seem equally certain that its perfectly safe.

    I had a prostate ultrasound recently and my prostate is absolutely fine