Friday, 16 November 2012

Orgasm Day

I didn't think this day would ever come. Six months ago, six months seemed like an erotic challenge four months ago the reality set in that the more I suffered the more Miss Beth got off on it. In the last couple of months I reached a new personal level of submission that Miss Beth liked so much that I started to doubt that my denial would be limited to six months.

I woke up in the morning (Monday 12th Nov) and wondered if today was the day. Miss Beth acted as if the day was no different to any other. One of my rules is that I am not allowed to ask for orgasm or any kind of stimulation so I didn't dare say anything, instead I just hoped that she had remembered the days significance. I even wondered if it was a trap to get me to seal my own fate by reminding her. My head was in a quandary but Miss Beth would argue that my head had been like that for the last 5 and a half months lol.

I remained unsure for much of the day but later Miss Beth whispered in my ear that she was looking forward to a good fuck later on to celebrate my 6 months. Even this had a twist in the tale when she called me to the bedroom and threw me some lube and a butt plug and told me to 'prepare' myself for Her to fuck me! That she did, not in a gentle way as was the time before but hard and deep and afterwards I felt well and truly fucked!

Afterwards Miss Beth hugged me and said "I think it's time for your orgasm". She looked genuinely unsure and explained that although she missed me being her husband, she knew that she would really miss me being such a deeply submissive and obedient slave after allowing me to cum. This put me in a quandary because my life in the last 6 months had become focused entirely on pleasing her and even thought I craved an orgasm the thought of not pleasing Miss Beth felt very wrong. Once again Miss Beth assured me that I had earned my release.

What followed was me making love to my wife, it wasn't a marathon, I didn't last long but it was wonderful to not have to hold back as had been the case so many times until even that became impossible. My orgasm was amazing and the best way to describe it was that it felt very much like the first orgasm I ever had many years ago.

Now a few days later I have some time off for good behaviour. Beth pretty much hates me, a big part of me hates myself because pleasing Miss has been such a huge part of my life for such a long time and I know that I'm not pleasing her like I was.