Friday, 25 May 2012


Yesterday morning during a typical long morning pussy licking session, Miss Beth informed me that she was very pleased with me since the start of my latest chastity term, and that she thought i had earned a reward. I was apprehensive yet excited. I knew that there would be no chance of an orgasm but despite making my frustration worse, i longed to be unlocked and teased by her perfectly manicured fingers. Miss Beth asked me if i had the choice would i choose a handjob? a blowjob? or a footjob? Before i could choose she said she wanted give me all three! I thought i had to be dreaming!
Alas, It was a dream of sorts. I was instructed to fit my harness and strap-on and was made to watch in agonizing frustration as Miss Beth, stroked and teased and sucked it knowing full well how i yearned to feel such attention to my cock. Miss Beth laughed almost hysterically as my cock swelled in its cage so much that it turned purple. I was then allowed to fuck my wife to orgasm (hers obviously) Thankyou Miss Beth

Sandal weather

The hot weather of the last few days has been enjoyable to just about everyone. But to foot fetishists (such as myself) there is an extra benefit women everywhere don their newest sandals and flip flops, painted toenails are all around. I am permitted to look because Miss Beth is safe in the knowledge that there are no feet or toes more mouth watering than her own, and also because i am in chastity and if i get aroused about anything then it just adds to my current frustration.
There is one snag to sandal weather tho . . . Nightly foot licking duties can become much harder work as feet open to the elements can and do get much grubbier than they do in more enclosed footwear.

Monday, 14 May 2012


A While back i joined The slave register I loved how it felt official and documented. I had a number and even my own personal barcode. Miss Beth and I decided that the barcode would make a great tattoo. Those who knew what it meant would be welcome to know, Those who didnt would be none the wiser. Alas, on speaking to my tattooist, barcodes look great when they are first done but the lines can easily blend into eachother after only a year, and for that reason, they refuse to do them. (not all tattooists would be as professional regarding problems that could occur years down the line . . Thats why i go to that particular shop) Not to worry, today Miss Beth treated me to my early birthday present and i have been tattooed with my slave register number. As the prisoner quoted "I am not a number, i am a free man" I alternatively am proud to be a number and a captive man. If you know Miss Beth then you know why.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

6 Months!!

For as long as Miss Beth has used chastity to control me, She has talked about keeping me denied for an extended period of time. I have gone without orgasm for a few months and have coped, but Miss Beths eyes light up at the thought of me not coping. She would love to reduce me to a quivering wreck and break down with sheer desperation. She would also love to take my submission to new levels. 6 months has been suggested as a period that she thinks will get me where she wants me to be. As of yesterday i am locked again and as far as i know, I am locked for 6 months!! I dont do html, but have managed to add a countdown timer ( ) 182 days i think it says. Thats terrifying!

Friday, 4 May 2012

An introduction.

A while ago, it was suggested that i start a blog detailing my thoughts and journey into becoming my wifes slave.  In typical fashion i put it onto my 'to do list'.  I have joined and follow several blogs and the quality of writing within them is generally to such a high standard that i figure nobody would ever want to read mine . . .  But who cares!  I will write in here and treat it like a diary,   If somebody picks it up and reads it . .  great!  
But if nobodys fussed . . Thats cool too