My Rules and Rituals of Etiquette

Being a slave is reasonably straight forward so long as i follow a few simple rules.  I do what im told, when im told and to the absolute best of my ability.

Beyond that Miss Beth likes me to follow certain rituals of etiquette.  These are to train me to serve in a specific way. ( and to amuse Miss Beth when i get them wrong or forget a certain detail)  Each direction carries a specific punishment should i forget to follow it, and each punishment is unknown to me until i first receive it.

At present, there are only four rules of etiquette, although i have been instructed that many more will follow. As they do i will edit this list due to the order of their importance.

(1)  Whenever i touch Beth's feet or shoes, I must kiss each foot and thank her for being allowed to touch them.

(2)  When making drinks/food etc I must always direct the question at Miss Beth before any other person. (unless asked directly by the other person)  Having made the drink, i must always serve Miss Beth first and seperately. Only then may i serve other guests.

(3)  At any functions or events. I shall always remain 100% attentive to Miss Beth. Follow her everywhere she goes, always walk behind her.  Unless she directs me to stay or remain behind.

(4)  When playing (or collared) i shall present myself naked, in a kneeling position and although 100% attentive,   I will not look directly at Miss Beth unless asked to do so, keeping my head respectfully bowed.

Added to the above rules, Miss Beth has instructed me to maintain a smart appearance at all times and has written certain rules to help me.

 (1) That i must shave at least once a day and prefrebly twice.

 (2) That i must moisturize at least 3 times a day, even when i dont think i need to.

 (3) De-odourant to be worn daily.

 (4) Underarm hair to be trimmed regularly.

 (5) That my pubic region be shaved every time i shower.

 (6) Aftershave to be worn everyday.

 (7) Eyebrows to be trimmed or waxed regularly.

 (8) Nose and ear hair to be checked and dealt with daily

 (9) Finger and toe nails to be kept short and smooth at all times.

 (10) Lips to be kept moisturized.

 (11) Cage to be cleaned daily if i dont shower.

 (12) Hair to be cut at least every 6-8 weeks.

 I am now to carry a slap book at all times, the slightest lapse in behaviour or rule not adhered to gets me a slap or number of slaps at the end of the day.

One of my most annoying habits is that i often forget to do up my fly.  After being told repeatedly about this and forgetting to do it up once too often. I found my underwear drawer completely bare except for a comedy glitter thong.  I now have the choice as to wear that garment or go commando until Miss Beth feels that i have learnt the error of my ways.  Incidentally, the weight of a steel chastity device is much more noticeable doing everyday things minus underwear.

Further to this update.  After a week of not being allowed to wear underwear, Miss Beth took pity on me and allowed me my pants back.  I think it was about 20 minutes before i was spotted with my fly undone and as a result, i have now been banned from wearing underwear for a whole month.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of rules. Some of mine: I get a $25 allowance weekly - all other personal purchases must be approve by my queen QA, I'm currently on a weight loss program of one pound a week, must open all doors for QA including car doors - must then wait until she is comfortably in and then close the door, I must honk whenever I enter our driveway to announce my arrival, must always ask and be granted permission before orgasming (periods of denial usually last from one week to two months), must deep clean her bathroom weekly, must defer all major decisions to QA.
    Thanks - I enjoyed your blog
    Tbill1 on ALT

  2. There are few for me as well. Most of the times i follow them..