Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Mantra

For a long time,  Miss Beth has used mantras and their recitals as an early task with her various online slaves.   Recited morning and night it becomes an affirmation or reinforcement of the control she has over every aspect of their lives.   This past week, I have been going through an intense slave refresher course,  something that reminds me of my place from time to time and stops me from ever getting too comfortable with whats expected of me.   Miss Beth has decided that there's absolutely no reason why i should escape writing and reciting a daily mantra.  So here it is.

 Miss Beth

As the sun rises, I spend this time considering how i may serve you this day. How i may worship you, how i may show my devotion.

How i may make you smile and feel at ease.

Let me devote today (and every other day) to serving your every need.  Let those needs replace my own as i strive to eradicate all selfishness and serve you completely selflessly.

And as the sun sets, for my sun always has and always will  rise and set with you. Let me find some small way to improve,  so that tomorrow, i can serve you a little bit better.

Your boy

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