Tuesday, 4 September 2012

6 months revisited

Day 114 in the Big Brother house.   Paul is in the garden losing his marbles,   So he hasn't lost all of them yet?   but my version of sanity isnt what it was back in May.

Oh my god,   May is such a long time ago.   Even though i was up for the challenge of 6 months chastity at the beginning, I was convinced i would get to cum on my birthday. (End of May)  I got an amazing birthday blow-job but Miss Beth reads me like a book and stopped about a nano second before the point of no return,  and i was locked up again before opening my first card.

My first day at work,  Our wedding anniversary, Our holidays in the summer were dead certs for an early release, but each has been and gone and still i remain denied.

I read forum posts and blogs all the time where people are locked for varying lengths of time,  but mostly they dont know how long for.   A few days, a few weeks, a few months,

I now know beyond almost any doubt that i wont cum for another 68 days.  Compared to the 114 days already gone that sounds easy, but as i said,  i never really thought that i would be made to do 6 months,  but now i know that im going to do the last two months.  My sanity rests on being allowed to cum after 6 months!  I know i wont do a day less but have no idea whether time will be added.

As for Miss Beth,   The amount of teasing i receive just seems to increase. As does her level of enjoyment as i show the signs of extreme frustration.  I never used to pre-cum,  just didnt seem to produce it.  Now hardly a day goes by without hearing her squeal with delight as she coaxes more and more pre-cum from me whether i am unlocked or not.

Added to this is her tales of her realtime sessions or the recent slave labour camp.  The lucky subs that are permitted to masturbate at the end of a session at her feet.  Or the online chastity slaves that reach the end of term and are allowed an orgasm.  The look in Miss Beths eye and the smile on her face as she recounts other guys orgasms to me as she strokes my twitching cock or bulging cage.  Anyone who reads this and knows Miss Beth probably knows the look i mean, or if you dont, god help you when you do.

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