Tuesday, 12 June 2012

cuckoldish. . .

Cuckolding has always scared the hell out of me. It seems to be linked so closely to chastity and female lead relationships and so many people that email my wife assume almost naturally that i am her cuck. Needless to say, I have always been extremely glad that Miss Beth has no desire to cuckold me.  I am only too aware that to deny me sexual relief, Miss Beth  denies herself certain aspects of our sex life,  and cuckolding is the obvious solution to many.

Yesterday Miss Beth had a double pro-domme session with Miss TillySue at her chambers. Later last night, whilst Miss Beth was trying out new rope bondage techniques on me,  she unlocked and removed my chastity device and started to stroke my cock.  A month without orgasm, (5 unbearably long months to go) her stroking is wonderful and agonizing at the same time. As she was casually playing with my cock,  she started to tell me the details of that afternoons session.

The session ended with Miss Beth giving the client a stocking footed footjob and then a handjob until he had an explosive orgasm.  To be denied so long (and with no realistic end in sight) and to be teased by my wife so mercilessly and to see the sparkle in her eye and grin on her face as she recounted giving such an envied orgasm to another man, was a strange experience. Made worse when she locked me back up and then had me lick her to orgasm.

Its a far cry from the insecurity of cuckolding,  but both Miss Beth and myself were aroused by yesterdays events in different ways and I think we both enjoyed how it effected each other.