Monday, 30 July 2012

The Kage

Sunday afternoon Miss Beth and I went to 'the kage' with our good friend Miss TillySue. The Kage is a monthly fetish event held at Partners club in Bury, Manchester.  We have been to several local munches and fetish events and so far 'the Kage' is our clear favorite.

Last time we went, Miss Tillys boy was given a good flogging on a St Andrews cross.  You can read all about it here .  This time it was my turn and before i knew it,  I found myself bound to the same cross listening to Miss Beth and Miss TillySue laughing as they warmed me up, so to speak.

One of my failings as a whipping boy is in trying to be too brave.  I try to take the pain without making a sound which infuriates Miss Beth sometimes to the point that she loses interest.  What i now know is that Miss Beth wants me to cry and scream and beg.  Not to fake it but not to hide it.  A few days before i had said to Miss Beth that if she really wants me to beg and will stop when i cant take no more,  That she should use her cane on me harder than she would usually do so,  to enforce the reactions she sought.   She reminded me of those very words whilst i was bound to the cross.  needless to say i screamed,  i got a little tearful and i begged both to stop.  Hopefully not too early to spoil their fun.   I'm not a pain slut and i dont pretend to be very brave.  But Im looking forward to the next flogging more than i was looking forward to this one.  And now that i scream like a bitch,  I think Miss Beth will be looking forward to it more too.

Having survived a double flogging session,  Miss Beth said she was very proud of me  (Making her proud or happy is my greatest pleasure nowdays)  By way of a reward, she unlocked my device and lead me in search of a private room for some teasing.  The private rooms at Kage were all filled so we ended up in the crowded pool/jacuzzi room.  In the deliciously warm pool,  couples were engaged in all manner of sexual activity.  There was sucking and fucking and licking going on all around.  Miss Beth stroked my cock and told me half mockingly and half annoyed with me that if i wasn't sentenced to 6 months of orgasm denial (103 days to go) then we would be doing likewise, and that we shall be returning when i am allowed to cum.

Its probably true that not only do i try to be brave regarding physical pain,  but i also suffer in silence with my frustration and dont show how i am feeling as much as i could.   My cock is now locked again and i feel so frustrated i am not far from tears. I dont know how i am going to last another 100 days.  The worst part is knowing that the more i suffer,  the closer i edge to insanity,  the more Miss Beth loves it and the stronger her resolve gets.   When I am being whipped and flogged,  Miss Beth knows when i have had enough and there is always safe word.  With chastity, tease and denial,  I have no such luxury and her enjoyment only really starts after i have had enough.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Job

Started my new job this week.

Miss Beth kissed me goodbye in such a sexy way that i felt like a million dollars. She also stroked my crotch and giggled as her fingers felt my caged cock.

A while ago Miss Beth used to speak to a guy on fetlife who was interested in chastity.  He used to wear a cb6000 at weekends and some evenings but would never wear it to work for fear of it being discovered. I remember thinking it was a silly restriction that he put on himself and that nobody would look that closely.

Starting a new job, in a heavy steel device, with a uniform of thin trousers was interesting.  I tried as hard as i could to not think about it, and by and large didnt.  But throughout the day,  at various times i was very conscious of being in chastity.  Chatting to a colleague in the toilet whilst trying to make an adjustment,  imagining being searched at work (Yes, it happens where i work)  and getting an uncomfortable chaste semi at the thought of being found out.   And If the kiss goodbye made me feel amazing, it paled into insignificance   to the kiss i got when Miss Beth picked me up at the end of the day. I felt amazing.

Miss Beth looked at my counter the other day . . . . .  130 days to go!   Thats only 4 months she said. Like it wasnt very long at all.