Friday, 5 October 2012

Deeper and deeper

It's been a strange couple of weeks in my world.  Miss Beth has noticed me falling deeper and deeper into submission and so has been teasing me pretty relentlessly.  Such teasing only adds to my frustration and i can feel myself growing more and more hopelessly pathetic with each passing day.

A few weeks ago Miss Beth had a night out with some friends and saw a stripper.  Not being shy like her friends,  when the stripper came round with his bottle of baby oil, as her friends rubbed oil into his pecs and arms, Miss Beth oiled up his huge cock and took great pleasure in telling me every detail on her return home.  I'm not sure what reaction she expected from me,  but i think we were both surprised at how aroused i got.  Since then my teasing has taken a definite turn in direction and we have talked (although only talked) about cuckoldry.

What i don't understand is how something i would have previously been so against,  with my deeper submission, becomes almost acceptable.. .. .. Almost!    In my head it'ts not something that i want to happen. But its almost as if its not up to me to stop Miss Beth having whatever fun she chooses, with whoever she chooses.  Its hard to explain.

 Miss Beth seems to love each new plateau i reach and almost ups my teasing with extra vim and vigor.


  1. You should not be surprised that your relationship has taken this turn , if you truly are submissive to your Mistress then must know that your there to serve her in whatever way she deems you should , her pleasure is really all that should or does matter to you and if that means she requires you to be cuckold then that's up to her it's not for you to choose , just because she wants to use a cock for her pleasure does not mean that she cares for you any less, she must know how rare it is to find someone who is truly submissive , she may well wish you to take part in getting her cock ready for use who knows , at the end of the day she may well talk you you about things but if she wants it then she will have it .

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