Monday, 14 May 2012


A While back i joined The slave register I loved how it felt official and documented. I had a number and even my own personal barcode. Miss Beth and I decided that the barcode would make a great tattoo. Those who knew what it meant would be welcome to know, Those who didnt would be none the wiser. Alas, on speaking to my tattooist, barcodes look great when they are first done but the lines can easily blend into eachother after only a year, and for that reason, they refuse to do them. (not all tattooists would be as professional regarding problems that could occur years down the line . . Thats why i go to that particular shop) Not to worry, today Miss Beth treated me to my early birthday present and i have been tattooed with my slave register number. As the prisoner quoted "I am not a number, i am a free man" I alternatively am proud to be a number and a captive man. If you know Miss Beth then you know why.

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