Friday, 25 May 2012


Yesterday morning during a typical long morning pussy licking session, Miss Beth informed me that she was very pleased with me since the start of my latest chastity term, and that she thought i had earned a reward. I was apprehensive yet excited. I knew that there would be no chance of an orgasm but despite making my frustration worse, i longed to be unlocked and teased by her perfectly manicured fingers. Miss Beth asked me if i had the choice would i choose a handjob? a blowjob? or a footjob? Before i could choose she said she wanted give me all three! I thought i had to be dreaming!
Alas, It was a dream of sorts. I was instructed to fit my harness and strap-on and was made to watch in agonizing frustration as Miss Beth, stroked and teased and sucked it knowing full well how i yearned to feel such attention to my cock. Miss Beth laughed almost hysterically as my cock swelled in its cage so much that it turned purple. I was then allowed to fuck my wife to orgasm (hers obviously) Thankyou Miss Beth

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  1. Wow! I would have to be bound and gagged very tightly with such teasing, would struggle and plead and beg like crazy!