Friday, 4 May 2012

An introduction.

A while ago, it was suggested that i start a blog detailing my thoughts and journey into becoming my wifes slave.  In typical fashion i put it onto my 'to do list'.  I have joined and follow several blogs and the quality of writing within them is generally to such a high standard that i figure nobody would ever want to read mine . . .  But who cares!  I will write in here and treat it like a diary,   If somebody picks it up and reads it . .  great!  
But if nobodys fussed . . Thats cool too


  1. Welcome to the pond.

    Your cage looks a bit like mine.


  2. You'll be surprised. When you've got some content on your blog I suggest you contact 'Keyheld' and get added to their referral site, it will send your views through the roof. I went from 150 views a day to thousands. Good luck with your blog.