Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Job

Started my new job this week.

Miss Beth kissed me goodbye in such a sexy way that i felt like a million dollars. She also stroked my crotch and giggled as her fingers felt my caged cock.

A while ago Miss Beth used to speak to a guy on fetlife who was interested in chastity.  He used to wear a cb6000 at weekends and some evenings but would never wear it to work for fear of it being discovered. I remember thinking it was a silly restriction that he put on himself and that nobody would look that closely.

Starting a new job, in a heavy steel device, with a uniform of thin trousers was interesting.  I tried as hard as i could to not think about it, and by and large didnt.  But throughout the day,  at various times i was very conscious of being in chastity.  Chatting to a colleague in the toilet whilst trying to make an adjustment,  imagining being searched at work (Yes, it happens where i work)  and getting an uncomfortable chaste semi at the thought of being found out.   And If the kiss goodbye made me feel amazing, it paled into insignificance   to the kiss i got when Miss Beth picked me up at the end of the day. I felt amazing.

Miss Beth looked at my counter the other day . . . . .  130 days to go!   Thats only 4 months she said. Like it wasnt very long at all.

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  1. Hehehehe i love reading how you feel as you very rarely fucking tell me!